What is a Dental Assistant?

What is a Dental Assistant?

Dental Assistant Job Description

A Dental Assistant ‘s responsibilities include working with patients to make them feel comfortable in the dental chair as well as preparing them for treatments and procedures. Dental Assistant duties involve sterilizing dental instruments, preparing the work area for patient treatment, instructing patients in proper dental hygiene, and keeping records of dental treatments.

How long does it take to become a Dental Assistant?

Our Dental Assistant certification program is 16 weeks long. Students can anticipate spending eight hours per week towards completing the online program. Our hybrid students are required to attend additional skills labs once a week for up to four hours. In substitute of a Dental Assistant Internship, students will be able to gain hand-on experience through completing an externship of 80 hours outside of class hours. Upon completing the course, students have the ability to return to school to become a registered Dental Assistant.

How much does a Dental Assistant make?

The average Dental Assistant salary in Kentucky is $31,600 per year. The average Dental Assistant salary for the United States is $34,740 per year. Consider becoming a Dental Assistant today as it allows for great mobility and security in the job field.

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