Business Administration


Distance Learning


6 Months


Human Resources

Bookkeeping and Payroll

Project Management Professional

Social Media Strategist

Microsoft Office – Word (levels 1 & 2)

Microsoft Office – Outlook (levels 1 & 2)

Microsoft Office – Excel (levels 1 & 2)

Microsoft Office – PowerPoint (levels 1 & 2)

Professional Office Development

Program Total Duration

2 Weeks

2 Weeks

2 Weeks

2 Weeks

1 Week

1 Week

1 Week

1 Week

2 Weeks

14 Weeks

Courses & Program Duration:

Human Resources – 2 Weeks

Bookkeeping and Payroll – 2 Weeks

Project Management Professional – 2 Weeks

Social Media Strategist – 2 Weeks

Microsoft Office – Word (levels 1 & 2) – 1 Week

Microsoft Office – Outlook (levels 1 & 2) – 1 Week

Microsoft Office – Excel (levels 1 & 2 – 1 Week)

Microsoft Office – PowerPoint (levels 1 & 2) – 1 Week

Professional Office Development – 2 Weeks

Program Total Duration – 14 Weeks

The Business Administration Blended program will connect personal values with ethical business behaviors; Develop the disciplinary competence for effective problem solving; Think outside of local contexts; key business principles and gain experience in aspects of business management; skills needed to manage employees; maintain financial records, Build team and leadership skills.

Subjects covered but are not limited to Microsoft office, Critical Thinking, Strategic planning, Time Management, Communication, Professionalism, Human Resources Assistant, Bookkeeping and Payroll, Business Administration Assistant, Social Media Strategist.  Resume building is included in the program.

Job Outlook

Employment of business and financial operations occupations is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations, adding about 773,800 new jobs. Globalization, a growing economy, and a complex tax and regulatory environment are expected to continue to lead to strong demand for accountants and auditors. In addition, increasing usage of data and market research in order to understand customers and product demand, and to evaluate marketing strategies, will lead to growing demand for market research analysts.

This median annual wage for business and financial occupations was $67,710 in May 2017, which was higher than the median annual wage for all occupations of $37,690.

Course Objectives
  1.      Demonstrate ethical conduct in all job-related activities
  2.      Present an image appropriate for the profession of business in appearance and behavior.
  3.      Communicate clearly when speaking and in writing.
  4.      Demonstrate a respectful attitude when interacting with diverse client populations.
  5.      Apply self-management skills, including time management, stress management, and adapting to change.
  6.      Apply interpersonal skills, including negotiation skills, conflict resolution, and teamwork.
  7.      Apply critical thinking skills, creativity, and innovation to solve problems.
  8.      Demonstrate commitment to excellence in the business profession and to continuing education and training.
  9.      Demonstrate knowledge and skills in areas of business administration role, including human resource, accounting.
  10.   Perform mathematical calculations essential to the duties of business administration in a variety of contemporary settings.
  11.   Demonstrate understanding of major trends, issues, goals, and initiatives taking place in the business profession.
  12.   Receive and screen business revenue, banking information completeness, accuracy, and authenticity.
  13.   Assist other employers for weekly, monthly goals, ideas to increase business.
  14.   Prepare daily/weekly presentations (weekly/monthly and annual numbers)
  15.   Recognize and solve problems systematically to make better business decisions
  16.   Manage, develop, and motivate personnel to meet changing organizational needs.
  17.   Discover how diversity and values strengthen working relationship and contribute to effective problem solving.
  18.   Leverage technology in a global environment to create sustainable competitive advantage
  19.   Evaluate risks and develop plans to lessen or eliminate their impact.
  20.   Develop awareness of one’s own personal value and how they affect business decision making
  21.   Assess wheatear an organization’s plans and actions are aligned to meet its values.
  22.   Integrate knowledge and reach decisions with incomplete or limited information
  23.   Understand a broad range of theoretical and practical applications in business
  24.   Knowledge, skills and values to effectively apply various business principles and tools in the organizational setting
  25.   Bridge the gap between theory and practical applications while examining the areas of accounting critical thinking, and decision-making, finance, business law, management, marketing

Possible Career Paths

Career Paths Coming Soon!

What is Business Administration?

Business Administration is a wide field that incorporates many types of management positions from major corporations to independent businesses.

What is Human Resource Administration?

Human Resource Administration is responsible for implementing effective workforce management and employee development.

What is a Social Media Strategist?

Social Media Strategists help grow a clients business through a variety of online and social channels.

What is a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAMP)?

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAMP) – is an entry-level certification for project management , it is intended to demonstrate the candidates understanding of the fundamental knowledge , terminology and process of effective project management.


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