Medical Administrative Assistant




6 Months

The Medical Administrative Assistant performs routine clerical and organizational tasks. They organize files, draft messages, schedule appointments, transcribe dictation, key electronic health records, and support other staff. A basic knowledge of medical terminology, insurance, billing practices, electronic health records, and hospital or laboratory procedures is preferred. The nation is entering a new era of health care where providers can use electronic health records to improve patients’ health and the way health care is delivered in this country. Administrative assistants may find employment in hospitals, chiropractors, and medical offices.

Job Outlook

According to The Department of Labor, the overall employment of Administrative Assistants is expected to grow 12% from 2010 to 2020. Medical Administrative Assisting is the only occupation that is expected to have much faster than average employment growth. This is driven by the rapid growth of the healthcare industry. American Hospital Association’s Survey of IT adoption results indicate 15.1% of acute care hospitals have adopted at least a “basic” EHR. That represents growth of nearly 75% since 2008.

Course Information

The Medical Administrative Assistant student will complete clinical and laboratory procedures for a period
of 18 weeks in length. Successful completion of all courses is required to receive a program certificate of

Course Objectives
    1.Develop the ability to elaborate on the personal qualities and job responsibilities of a Medical Administrative Assistant.
    2. Show with examples, how the Medical Administrative Assistant should communicate effectively with patients, using both verbal and non-verbal communication.
    3. Assess the impact of OSHA and HIPAA on a medical office.
    4. Describe the different medical specialties and outline the role and duties of other allied health professionals.
    5. Write a business letter, applying correct letter formatting and style.
    6. Describe different types of appointment scheduling systems and ways of maintaining a physician’s schedule.
    7. Explain how to create and maintain accurate patient records.
    8. Explain and demonstrate each step in the filing process.
    9. Explain and show how to educate patients with special needs.
    10. Describe the healthcare claim preparation process.
    11. Demonstrate the process used to locate correct codes using the ICD-9-CM and CPT.
    12. Describe the various bookkeeping systems and show how to manage a billing cycle efficiently.
    13. Elaborate on the specialization options available to an Administrative Medical Assistant.

Possible Career Paths

Clinical Team Leader
Lead Medical Assistant
Medical Office Manager
Clinical Office Manager
Medical Assistant Instructor
Medical Records Manager
Healthcare Administration
Executive Medical Secretary
Transcription Supervisor


Clinical Objectives
Infection Control/Safety Objectives
Administrative Objectives
General Knowledge Objectives
Medical Terminology Objectives
Anatomy and Physiology Objectives
Legal and Ethical Objectives


National Healthcare Association
American Medical Certification Association


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